IndeCX, a Quest Inteligência Group, is a market intelligence company with more than 10 years of experience about measuring loyalty and customer satisfaction in Brazil and Latin America.

IndeCX is a junction of the words Index (Index) with the acronym CX that represents Customer Experience. Analyzing tools, mainly international of loyalty measurement and customer satisfaction, we realized that there is a need for a robust, serious tool, easy to handle and with fair prices so that any company and organization can measure their customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our main objective is to provide the measurement of customer loyalty and satisfaction, to any organization of any segment, through automated methodologies, in a serious and cost-effective way.

Our dream is that all companies care about loyalty and satisfaction of their customers and so we can provide a better customer experience for all: companies, consumers, partners and suppliers, raising the quality of the offer of products and services.

Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty and customer experience

Our tool captures the customer experience, on an assertive way, through several market methodologies, using as main, the NPS methodology (learn more here).

Fidelize your customer

Measure, on a continuous basis, the satisfaction and loyalty of your partner and client

Better visibility

Make sure that your company will grow trough the customer perspective, fix your failure and use your strengths

Transform your operations

Turn data into action to ensure a better customer experience with your brand and product

Fix your failure

Know what customers are dissatisfied and immediately convert their dissatisfaction


O IndeCX is based on NPS (Net Promoter Score), methodology, one of the most efficient methods, which consist in asking one question, measuring the indicator and with one more question, measuring the reasons, strengths and weaknesses.

So, through short and assertive surveys, we will have the level of satisfaction, motivation and dissatisfaction.

From this calculation the company can create and put in practical actions to improve this experience that the consumer had with the brand


Through simple and straightforward questions, you can understand exactly what the consumer is looking for in the marketplace.

  • Measure the level of loyalty and satisfaction of your customers
  • Identify dissatisfied customers
  • Convert dissatisfaction in satisfaction
  • Create customers who will promote you
  • Increase the power of “word of mouth marketing”
  • Turn your customers into promoters of your brand
  • Have update reports about your satisfaction and loyalty
  • Grow more and spend less
  • Increase results

How it works

  • 1

    Creating an action

    To be researched according to the form that you want to share your views and analyzes. Configuration of questions, layout of e-mail and SMS, handling settings of complaints, etc.

  • 2

    Import Customer Base

    By Excel, txt, csv, manual typing or with direct integration with your CRM, with the basic contact data.

  • 3

    Sending invitations

    You can choose send by email, SMS or both. Choose if you want to send at the moment or later.

  • 4

    Analysis and Readings

    The tool consolidates data and reports from the customer responses.

  • 5


    The system can be configured to generate a complaint or ticket according to the assigned note. If the user sets it, for each low note, for example, he will receive an email with the warning of this claim and the system will open a ticket to deal with.

  • 6


    Reports with the points to be worked, customer detailing, reasons of detractors and dissatisfaction, regional analysis, among others, so that you can outline your actions and strategy and increase the loyalty of your customers.


Start measuring your customer's satisfaction and loyalty right now

IndeCX – Measuring and Enhancing Customer Experience